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  1. jennifer symons says:

    Hello Ruth,

    My name is Jen. I’m one o Christine Lillis’s good friends. I worked with Chrissy on the ship for nearly 10 years. I spoke to hear tonight and she suggested I look onto your website. I think your plastic bag bags are wonderful. I’m also an artist. I did my BFA about 6 years ago and haven’t really done much with. I do love drawing and I love yoga so I have been drawing tiny little drawings of people in yoga poses. It may not give me much money (none at all) but it gives me a lot of pleasure. I wish you all the best with your creations and I would like to get on your email list and see what you are up to. I only have Hotmail – jensymons@hotmail.com. Warm wishes, Jen


    1. Ruth.M. says:

      Hi Jen,
      So nice to hear from you! Yes, I will put you on my list. If you are on Instagram – you can follow me at marshall_ruth – thx for again for visiting my site! Take care, stay safe! Ruth


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