Ruth Marshall is an Australian-American contemporary textile-knit artist.  She interprets, designs and hand knits textiles of endangered animals & natural environments utilizing intricate intarsia and fair isle techniques and crochet. Her future goals is to explore natural environments in her original textile artworks.

These are the results of months of research and interpretation from collections in various natural history institutions and zoos.  She holds workshops and lectures about her knitted designs and animal conservation. For several years Ruth has managed and gained public funding for community art programming and art installations in her neighborhood of the Bronx, New York City.

“The twenty-first century is gripped by the predicament of habitat loss and species decline.  There is an urgent desire in me to say new things about this disappearing world and to contribute to the efforts to help wild animals and wild places endure.  I am devoted to telling the stories of individual animals and natural environments who have been forgotten, lost, or who are in danger of becoming so.”