A Gala in Wyoming

I am very excited to be invited to show two pieces of artwork for the Blacktail Gala event at the National Museum of Wildlife Art.

To help the museum build their esteemed collection, guests from their community vote on a selection of artworks with fixed prices, and the most popular pieces are then purchased from previously raised funds.  Run like an auction, while avoiding the unknowable hammer price, with a feel good atmosphere, I think this is such a unique, cool idea!  I bet that’s why it’s sold out!

If you are in the Jackson, Wyoming area this will be such a fun event!  INFO

My pieces in the Gala are: Tiger Cub & Tiger #70374

Tiger Cub

I’m pleased to announce that Tiger Cub is now a part of the National Museum of Wildlife Art’s collection!

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  1. Ella says:

    Nice post thanks foor sharing


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