Art in the Air 2

When I walked into the New York Public Library branch at Parkchester, I had a bit of an ‘aah’ moment. They had an outdoor courtyard!!!! Perfect for an art installation of paracord! It was very visible from the busy street and overhead subway, library patrons can only enter the branch by walking through it, and it was protected with a tall fence and gate during closing hours. They even had a kangaroo and dinosaur sculpture that we bombed with paracord.

I set up a meeting with the manager Alison Williams & adult librarian Nina Maness, then we successfully received an Arts Fund Grant from the Bronx Council on the Arts through the New York State Council on the Arts and we were in business! I had the best time working intergenerationally with kids, young adults, adults, seniors and special needs people and we built a fun, colorful, uplifting, celebretory installation which seemed to put a smile on everyones face 🙂

We are planning to keep Art in the Air alive and well by refreshing the installation each year with new visiting artists……. Next year we are hoping to work on Art in the Air presents Poetry in the Air, stay tuned!!

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