2020 Creative Climate Awards

I am so looking forward to being a part of this years Creative Climate Awards, run by the Human Impacts Institute, see link HERE for a list of this years artists.

And yes, you saw that right, it is an award event, which means that I am counting on VOTES as part of the award process! Vote HERE!

This event = “The Creative Climate Awards (CCA) are an annual series of events that showcase artists creating climate-inspired public works and actions. Over the last decade, CCA has showcased climate-inspired artwork from around the globe, including 194 artists from 31 countries and reached over 200,000 audience members. Responding to local needs due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our 2020 CCAs are bringing the diversity of NYC creatives, environmental and social justice advocates to your doorstep.  Join us for virtual events and see the artwork virtually and in-person in storefronts across NYC. “

STUDIO TOUR I am giving a 20 minute virtual studio tour Sunday 15th November at 10:40AM, RSVP HERE. This Artivist talk begins at 10AM, ends at 11AM.

VIRTUAL OPENING There is a virtual opening Sunday 15th November 6PM (EST), RSVP HERE.

IG TAKEOVER I am also doing an Instagram takeover on Thursday 19th November throughout the day HERE.


My featured artwork! Day 45 #3. It is actually on display in real life, lol, at 388 East 148th St, Bronx NY 10455. All of the exhibition sites you can visit on a virtual tour! So cool, I can’t wait to visit it myself HERE.

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