RAIN Inc – Golden Ladies Crochet presents: Rainy Day Donations

R.A.I.N., Inc. is a multi-social service agency offering a myriad of services with a focus on the provision of continuum of care that includes a range of services for seniors and people with disabilities.

I have been teaching crochet and knitting to the senior ladies of the Boston Secor RAIN center for over five years.

During the Covid-19 pandemic our classes were suspended indefinitely, but finally in December of 2020, our beloved center – Boston Secor, began online classes on Zoom where we could connect and work on our crafts.

I realized that we couldn’t continue our classes in the usual way and I asked the ladies what they wanted to do. They decided that they wanted to make hand made donated items for babies in need in Bronx hospitals.

Cecile, Phoebe, Liz, Rebecca, Sandra, Ethel, Martha, myself and guest Kenisha – worked diligently creating, hats, toys, blankets for newborn Bronx babies. I would like to thank Premier Yarns for kindly answering our request and donating yarn for this project. I am very thankful to the staff of Boston Secor for facilitating our project which included driving supplies and donations to the participating members and hospitals, purchasing our pretty gift bags and administering our once a week classes.

I also wish to thank Jodi Moise, Director of The Fine Art Program and Collection at Montefiore Medicine. She is our Liaison connection at Montefiore Medical System, and helped us print our flyers to go with each item.

Finally with Jodi’s help on the 24th & 26th May, 2021, we were able to organize a drop off of the donations at Weiler and Wakefield campuses of Montefiore. 112 items were split between two NICU – (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) wards. The staff at both locations were very thankful and happy with the project. LINK to Montefiore Fine Art on Instagram.

These types of programs where local communities and organizations work together to help each other during the strict protocols of a pandemic create an atmosphere of positivity and empathy. I lastly wish to acknowledge my gifted older adult students for their talent, patience, hard work, and their huge hearts in bringing this project to life.

Our Golden Ladies of RAIN Boston Secor.
Donation drop off. Left-Right: Jack D. Weiler Hospital at Montefiore. Ruth Marshall – Teaching Artist of RAIN Boston Secor crochet group – Gold Ladies Crochet & the Rainy Day donation Project. Dr. Suhas Nafday – MD, DCH, MRCP (Ire), FAAPProfessor of Pediatrics, Albert Einstein College of Medicine Director, Weiler-Einstein Newborn Services, Division of Neonatology, Children’s Hospital at Montefiore Chair, Neonatal Performance improvement and Patient safety at Einstein. Brenda Pinder – RN, MSN, MBA, NEA-BC Clinical Director of Nursing. Zahava Cohen – MSN, RNC-NIC – Administrative Nurse Manager, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Beverly Michael – Executive Director, Einstein Campus. Vice President, Clinical Services. Linda Berger Spivack – RN, MS, Assistant Vice President, Clinical Director of Nursing.
Donation drop off. Left-Right: Wakefield hospital at Montefiore.
Regginald Jordan – Vice President Clinical Services & Executive Director at Montefiore Health System
Maura Porricolo  – Assistant Vice President Operations Montefiore Medical  
Kathleen O’Donnell – Staff Nurse Maternal Child Health
Sara Spada – Neonatal Nurse Practitioner, NICU
Yamila Desilvio – Patient Care Tech – Maternal Child Health
Dr. Tulay Aksoy – Assistant Professor, Medical Director Wakefield Campus
Dr. Sheri Nemerofsky – Medical Director, Newborn Services, Neonatology Neonatal Intensive Care Unit 
Ruth Marshall – Teaching Artist of RAIN Boston Secor crochet group Gold Ladies Crochet & the Rainy Day donation Project
Esther Schiavello – Administrative Nurse Manager At Montefiore Health System: NRP Instructor
Mercy Panicker – Administrative Nurse Manager at Montefiore Health System
Icilda Hill – Unit Clerk Maternal Child Health
Irene Ondieki – Clinical Director Nursing Services at Montefiore Health System

Here is a sneak preview of more exciting items that we have been creating for future donations 🙂

In March 2022 we partnered with a new organization Heartshare St Vincent Services, and donated to their Steps to Home womens’ shelters. I’d like to thank Ruth Camacho the Recreation Coordinator for her help with our first donation drop off. Hopefully this will be the first of many!

March 2022.

The Golden Ladies of the Rainy Day Donation Project visited their exhibition at Montefiore Moses campus! Curated by the Fine Art Program & Collection, this exhibition promotes our project throughout the Montefiore Health System and will also travel to the Wakefield, Weiler campuses for a total of nine months. We would like to thank Jodi Moise – Director of the Fine Art Program, Marcos Crespo – Senior Vice President of Community Affairs, and Raven Carter – Vice President of Operations at Montefiore for meeting and greeting and supporting our project! (They are in the first photo left to right.)

The ‘RAINY Day Donation Project’ exhibition then moved to Montefiore Wakefield hospital and we were able to visit the show on the 29th September, 2022. We had a wonderful time and took two boxes of donations with us. We met the VP Clinical Services & Executive Director of Wakefield hospital Regginald Jordan, Dr. Sheri Nemerofsky, director of Newborn Services and other nurses and staff members. We had the incredible experience of visiting a NICU unit where our donations help the babies and their families. There is nothing like a handmade gift to give some extra love, comfort and care.


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  1. Tashema says:

    I saw the exhibit at the Hospital, it’s beautiful!


  2. Laura says:

    Lovely display at the Hutch Metro Center (Montefiore). Great talent shown in the pieces!


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