Power Flowers

This year, (2022), I was so excited to create a new crocheted paracord installation in Bronx Park, at the Webster Ave & 204th St entrance in the Bronx. I was approached by the Jerome Gun Hill BID (Business Improvement District) as recommended by Jodi Moise, Director of the Fine Art Program at Montefiore Health System. I eagerly jumped onto this opportunity. Paracord comes in so many exciting colors and having worked closely before with the Paracord Galaxy company, (because there really is a galaxy of paracord colors!) I have a pretty good idea of which of their item numbers are more colorfast, as the sun is a brutal taskmaster in terms of fading manmade materials, especially in the red spectrum of colors.

The installation is made up of 14 medallions approximately 32″, (81cm) in diameter, and ziptied onto the fencing at the circular rotunda entrance to the park. I didn’t use any patterns, I just explored ideas and mixed and matched the colors as much as possible. It was a wonderful experience as a creator to just let ideas explode, and I hope I get to expand on these ideas in the future! If you know of any organization that needs an outdoor art installation that is lightweight, flexible in size and easy to install and deinstall, shoot me an email!

The installation is up through to the end of June 2023. Bronx Park entrance at Webster Ave & 204th St, Bronx NY 10467.

I’d like to thank NYC Parks Department, Moshulu Preservation Conservation, Small Business Services, Guerino’s against Graffiti, Council Member Eric Dinowitz, and again Jerome GunHill BID, particularly Ariana Cipriani.

The photo album below gives a good idea of the spectacular diversity and flexibility of paracord and includes a photo of the medallions surrounding the cherry tree in my backyard and I couldn’t resist showing you the pic of a lollipop stuck in the fence next to a medallion after installation was completed!


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