Crochet bags – from plastic

I have been crocheting with plastic bags for over a year now and have become obsessed with creating and designing attractive bags for every day use. (I have ‘plarn’ – plastic yarn patterns available in my store)

These bags are strong, durable, different, eye catching, perfect for supermarket trips and moving your stuff around town!

Mum with her Plarn bag that I made her.

This being said, I have been crocheting and knitting since my mother and Aunt taught me as a little girl. I like to think of my mother as the original recycler. Born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland, she valued the worth of things, and taught me to not to waste anything, like reusing paper bags. She composted for years for her beloved garden, and took a bag to the supermarket, avoiding plastic bags as much as possible. So she taught me the same values. For me working with plastic bags really satisfies the desire to reduce, reuse, recycle and to craft textile designs with crochet.

I love exploring the details of bag design. How to build different types of handles, shaping the silhouette of the bag while thinking about the size, using colored plastic bags as well as different crochet stitches and hooks. Finally, I became interested in how to embellish and individualize theses bags to create my own unique, stylish bag accessory.

I confess I even enjoy the time consuming process of collecting, folding, cutting and looping together the ‘plarn’ – plastic yarn. This yarn is FREE to make and reuses something that would normally be thrown away only to clog up landfills or cause damage to our environment. Link to my store and a gif of plarn making.

I am currently trying to find stores available in the New York City area to stock some of my designs. Know anyone that’s interested? I will be offering bags in my online store soon. And I am investigating other online stores and opportunities. If you have any ideas about this, I’d love to hear them!

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