New York Botanical Garden, “Around the Table: Stories of the Food We Love”

This exhibition is an institution-wide exploration of the cultural, environmental, and historical significance of food and edible plants. I am honored to be one of 30 Bronx artists included in the artistic interpretation segment of the exhibition with my crocheted paracord picnic table – “Tossed Salad”. My theme is based on my vegan diet and how much I enjoy combining fruits with my greens for a sweet and savory taste sensation. So strawberries, blueberries, oranges and corn are combined with kale, lettuce and spinach, all crocheted, all original designs, all tossed together on the table and attached with zipties, to create a 3-D invitation to sit and interact. I hope you can visit the conservatory and have fun with my table!

The exhibition is up from June 4th – September 11, 2022. My artist engagement day was July 4th, and it was delightful to meet all 67 visitors who enjoyed my table and created their own paracord bracelets.


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